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Bronze Pawn Site Posts

Below, find a group of sites that are of low level Domain Authority. All sites will grow over time as more content is posted. To be on the Google News Network, a certain amount of content must be published daily, so it’s guaranteed. Therefore, most of these will be of much higher value within 1 year time.

Immediately however, these low level DA sites are typically best for Tier 2 back-links and reputation management. All sites show in the Google News search index and are also great promotional resources. Use them to create unique news stories that will occupy a search result listing position for your desired keyword or niche.

Each post can include 1 to 2 photos and many times, even a video.

MS = Marked Sponsored Post
INV# DA / PA Site Description MS Visits Monthly Price Quantity
GNBL-B1 18 / 35 Generation 1 657 155.00
GNBL-B2 24 / 38 Generation 1 1343 155.00
GNBL-B3 7 / 12 Generation 2 871 155.00
GNBL-B4 21 / 35 Generation 2 590 155.00